Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Explanatory Synthesis Notes

What are you explaining?

Throughout this paper I am looking to explain how although there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease there are surprisingly ways that we have found in order to prevent Alzheimer's disease from occurring in human beings. It is vital that we take the time to realize that these prevention are relevant and if they are used they could save millions of people from receiving this disease which will not only help them but their loved ones as well who are stuck with the day to day struggles of living or simply dealing with the complications that the Alzheimer's patient has. It is something that no one or no family should have to experience or watch another loved one experience. Through prevention we can help to stop a lot of possible cases of Alzheimer's and protect more human beings.

Summarize the information from the source.

The articles that I have chose are quite relevant and greatly relate to my overall topic that I am going to be addressing throughout this synthesis. The one article discusses studies that have proved how certain daily habits and exercises help people avoid Alzheimer disease and the other two articles discuss nuns and how many of them have not received the disease and have lived up to an old age because of the certain things that they do to prevent the disease from getting to them and their brains. This source will set a great example and will hopefully be seen as fascinating to the reader or the audience of my paper. I believe that the three of these sources will be perfect in expanding my paper and adding more insight for my reader into the world of Alzheimer's and all that we can do to end it and ensure that it is not a part of our future. It will also hopefully spread the message and make people realize that they themselves play a factor in determining whether or not they will receive this harmful and deteriorating disease. It is amazing how these nuns in the article from the New York Times could actually play a role in scientific study in determining what habits or activities keep someone from receiving Alzheimer disease. The nuns are even willing to donate their brains to science once they have died in order to allow for greater research and hopefully a greater window into the world of Alzheimer's and how it can be controlled and how we can hopefully find answers to cure this disease. I am really excited to use these sources in my paper.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Explaining my Interests

Throughout my life I have had many different interests in a number of various topics. It seems though that one aspect of my whole list of interests that sticks out the most would have to be cooking, food and nutrition. I absolutely love making food and learning about different recipes. I am obsessed with healthy eating which I believe contributes to both a happier and healthier life style. Growing up with a small heart condition always meant that I had to be conscious of what I was doing to take care of myself and I feel that healthy eating is always number one. I love going onto p interest and finding recipes for healthy meals. I believe that this eating regimen has actually made me a much more organized and put together person. I began cooking with my mom at an early age and she has taught me so much on the topic. I am very interested in how to live the perfectly healthy lifestyle because I find it to be the best answer to achieving the best that I can in life. I greatly enjoy the outdoors and outdoor activities and I know that to enjoy these things I have to have the nutrients to have the energy that I love to have. Energy is what helps me get things done. My diet and habits have taught me to never just subtle for average but to go above and beyond in all that I do in life and to also go into things with deep passion. It is vital in life that we are passionate human beings and excited to do the things that we do. I believe that a healthy diet and a daily schedule helps me be much more successful in life. I have noticed that it has eased my stress levels and allows me to take in things much more gracefully. My favorite books and magazines are on healthy recipes and how to make them and different foods that are good for you and take care of your body. I feel that in order to avoid sickness and disease to be healthy we must eat right. It is important that we are healthy in order to live to our full potential. My happiness from this is something that I would love to share and spread to the rest of the world. I feel that it has made me successful in who I am in life and it is a constant reminder that a healthy mind comes before anything else. As a teacher it is my job to transform young minds and make sure that these students are healthy individuals who are able to live up to their full potential. Just as a healthy diet can eliminate any of the bad foods in our system a healthy trained mindset will push out all of the negative in life and only make room for the positive aspects in life that will take the students far so that they can achieve to their fullest potentials. I am beyond excited and passionate to take my passions and put them into my job. On top of math, reading and science skills I want to teach my students the importance of a healthy mind so that they can go on to success filled futures which is so vital for our future generations.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reflection On Writing Project 1

I must begin to explain that I am quite impressed by the amount I have learned about my own writing technique throughout the first Writing Project of this class. The entire experience of writing this paper did not go as smooth as I had planned but with the work that I did put in I am quite pleased with the overall outcome. The hardest part for this paper was not so much thinking of one of my life experiences but it was incorporating outside sources that intertwined. It took some research and thought but once I had found these materials it was quite amazing how my ideas all came together as one. While writing this paper I also really appreciated the peer review. I truly felt that it was a vital part of the writing process and still feel this way after completing it in Dr. Wielgos' class. I also did a lot of learning throughout the process of writing this synthesis paper. While discussing and reviewing my paper with Dr. Wielgos I realized how much I use the past tense in my writing. It was funny because I never really realized how many pronouns I had been using in my writing. He was able to teach me a new way to revise my paper by taking each sentence by sentence and analyzing each one to make sure it flowed for the reader. I greatly appreciate the assistance and time we have been given to write this paper and make sure that it is up to the class standards. I believe that I have definitely accomplished what I have wanted for this first project in College Writing II, but I also know that my standards for the next papers to come will come with greater expectations that I am willing to give my all and look up to. My design plan was similar along the basis of my entire paper. There were specific aspects of my paper that I did change as a whole because even while writing the paper I seemed to discover the meaning behind my narrative and the life experience that I had gone through. I am looking forward to watching my writing progress this semester and I am excited for what is to come in this class.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

What have I obtained from this peer editing process?

Truthfully, I am a huge fan of the peer editing process I believe it is incredibly helpful and useful throughout the process of writing a paper. It all began back in my College Writing Class last semester, with Dr. White, that I realized just how useful this process is. In my high school career peer review used to seem like more of just a social hour. I would read one of my friends papers and write a few comments here and there on it and then we would both finish early so we could have a conversation. I am so happy that this is no longer the case in college. Throughout the experience I have had so far with peer review and editing in both my college writing classes is that we truly go in depth. From peer reviewing I have learned that this process is incredibly vital to my success as a writer. I have the ability to learn so much from my peers who are taking on the same task I am. It is also a beautiful thing to see their feedback rather than my own eyes reviewing my paper. Just as Dr. Wielgos had explained in class, that many times we are so quick to think that everything in our own papers makes sense, until we have someone else read it and inform us that in fact it does not make sense at all. Not only do I learn a ton from receiving feedback from my peers but I also get a lot out of reading my peers papers and editing them myself. This allows me to see what other people are writing which one gets my mind moving, and it also helps me realize what to do and what not to do in my writing. It's like looking in a distorted mirror where each image or paper is unique but the main structure should be similar. I really appreciate the time that Dr. Wielgos has set aside for our class to go over the peer review. I believe that it is a great, dominant step in the writing process. I am certain that it will help me enhance the quality of my paper.