Thursday, March 31, 2016

Debating between topics

Okay so for the past few days I have been debating on a couple of different topics to write about. I am not exactly sure what I want to write about quite yet. As a runner I am incredibly interested in both food and nutrition. I am always interested in what the best foods are and what the healthiest things to eat are. My mom is also health obsessed with which foods she should be cooking with so in my house I have found this relevant to my life. A big debate that I know of and would actually be quite interested in finding out for myself is whether or not organic foods are actually more beneficial to our health than in- organic foods and whether or not this statement is just a simple scam by food marketers around the world. I truly want to know the facts and the truth behind this argument. Yet, in my life there is another issue that I am quite interested in and that is the controversy on eating disorders. After watching my cousin struggle with a terrible one this disease not only interested me but it concerned me as well. Many people would blame my cousin for doing this to herself but I know my cousin and it just didn't fit. There is much controversy over whether or not they are real mental disorders and  I would like to find out whether or not they actually are. I am also going to visit a few websites and get some information and see what I find to help me find sources for this paper.
"My Research Question"

1) Why your topic of discovery?
To discover what organic food is really doing for people and whether or not it is  actually beneficial to the human beings eating it.
2) What question do you want to answer?
Whether or not organic foods are actually worth their price on the market?
3) Why this question?
Organic foods are definitely more expensive at the grocery store and what I want to know is why they are so much more expensive and why exactly they are so much more expensive compared to the other foods.
4) What do you need to learn in order to answer the question?
I need to learn the scientific research done on the comparison of organic and non-organic foods and also find statistics and data that prove whether or not organic foods was beneficial to the health of those who are consuming it.
5) What kinds of experts do you need to read?
I need to read information from scientists who work with both organic and non- organic elements in determining the differences and which is more beneficial to health. I also want to know the long lasting results that have been taking between those who eat organic foods and those who do not eat organic foods. It would also be pertinent to find information from nutritionists and dietitians who may study this food. This would be all under the research of nutrition health and science. I think that it will be interesting to find information on this topic because it is something many people contemplate on spending. People understand that buying all organic groceries is quite expensive yet if it could lead to healthier effects maybe it is worth it or is it all a scam that the producers want us to believe.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Decisions on a Topic

Right now I am currently struggling with finding a topic that I would like to use for my argumentative research paper for College Writing 2. The reason that I am struggling is because I have a number of different topics on my mind to write about. I would really like to write about something that interests me and I have thought about writing about organic foods and finding out whether or not they are actually healthier foods. This topic interests me because I love grocery shopping and I am always interested in what foods are the healthiest. I feel like there is a ton of controversy over this topic and I have always wondered the truth behind organic food myself. It is very expensive and I would like to know whether or not there is a legitimate reason behind this or is it just that its said to be healthier. I am excited to find this information out. Another topic that I have considered is the classroom size and its importance but I am worried that this topic may just be too broad overall and not have as many interesting statistics. When Dr. Wielgos explained how we shouldn't know the outcome this made sense and it is funny because I realized that this topic basically already has an expected outcome. I am working on focusing my topic towards something that will give me a narrow topic and tons of research along with this.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday.. Monday... Monday

I seriously can not believe that we are already off to another week here at Lewis. I am in disbelief as to how fast the year is flying by. It amazes me as to how much I have actually learned since the fall semester. I am truly glad to say that the year is going pretty fast but I am also trying to stay very focused on finishing this semester on a very strong note. This weekend I have been considering a number of different topics for the next College Writing assignment. There are a number of topics that I am interested writing my paper on. One of my favorite parts about this college writing class with Dr Wielgos is that he gives us the opportunity to decide on our topics. I believe that this allows me to feel really passionate about the papers that I am writing and It also gives me a great chance to explore my interests and work through my brain. I have been tossing around a number of different topics and ideas to write on. One topic that I am really interested in or feel that is a major problem is the one with social media and how it affects people. As a girl I understand many of the expectations and have come across many of these " expectations" in my life. Woman are put to a certain standard and are looked down upon if they don't live up to these unrealistic standards. There are a number of problems with this that lead to major issues. I feel passionate about this topic because I know and have had close friends and relatives who have struggled with this in life.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Reflection on the Weekend So Far

This weekend has truly been a wonderful weekend so far. On Saturday I worked all day but I am honestly so lucky to love my job. I work at a golf course, Silver Lake Country Club and I have been working there since I was sixteen years old. It is funny how familiar I have become with this job and it now feels like a second home to me when I am there. The greatest part about my part time job is that it is a very upbeat and positive job. I absolutely love when the weather is perfect and there are tons of golfers out. It makes me feel like summer time and at least spring is very near. I definitely think that my job has helped me become more mature and responsible. I have also been extremely lucky to have met so many different people and to also have made such wonderful friends with a great amount of my co-workers. After seeing them all the time it seems that we have really gotten to know one another and it is really great. Currently, many of my friends at work go to college out of state so they will not be returning to work until summertime has officially begun. Although I do not golf it is definitely a sport that I have thought of taking up in the near future. It seems a little slow though so I contemplate whether or not I would actually enjoy the sport.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

From my Design Plan to Explanatory Synthesis Paper

Wow, to begin it is actually quite funny how much my design plan differs from my actual paper. Before I wrote on the topic of prevention of Alzheimer's disease I was focused on "specific" health topics such as how certain foods are healthy. I began writing my paper on the surprising facts of how certain types of chocolate are actually good for humans and health yet it just seemed that I was lacking passion in this form of paper writing. While taking lots of time to think about my topic and which topic I could write the most about I asked both my friends and family for help on choosing the topic. It was funny because the weekend in class that we were given to work on the design plan was also the weekend of my Grandpa's birthday. He is currently suffering from Alzheimer's disease and this is something that has affected not only him but my entire family. The disease truly does scares me and I started questioning whether or not there was any way I could prevent this from happening not only for myself but for all of my other loved ones. I couldn't even imagine watching another family member suffer from this disease. Watching my grandpa is hard enough. I decided to research and to my surprise there were tons of ways to prevent this disease and I found that this would be important information that an even larger audience would benefit from hearing. I am very happy with my finished paper and glad that I have learned so much more from this entire writing process!
The Revision Process

Throughout this paper I am quite glad to say that I am actually very happy with the outcome of my final paper. This is one of those papers that took me a very long time to write. It is funny because I came into this paper thinking I was going to be writing about something completely different and finally found an article on the nuns who are breaking ground in the search for the cure of Alzheimer's disease. This article truly intrigued me and was also quite surprising to me. It was this paper that truly inspired my idea to write this paper. While writing this paper at first I struggled a lot with finding credible sources but to my luck the library had a lot of great sources. The process overall was exciting and I was glad that I had found my passion in writing this paper. I find that in every paper I write I come to a point where I find my passion for what I am writing and I find that this is a very important aspect in every paper. In writing it is vital that we are passionate about it. I am happy with the outcome of this paper and am looking forward to the next project. I learned a lot from this paper and was immersed into a world of new information.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Progress on the Project Number 2

So far I am pretty content with how my paper is turning out. Throughout writing this paper though I do realize how much I need to pay attention to the fact that my paper is not an argument paper it is an explanatory synthesis paper. I am not quite sure why I was having this issue but that is exactly what I have been working on fixing tonight.I am excited to be coming to a better revision of my paper. I am happy with the outside sources of my topic and I am quite amazed to say that I have actually learned quite a bit from writing this paper. My grandpa is currently suffering from Alzheimer's disease and it is something that has most definitely effected my grandpa in many significant ways but it has also played a massive effect on my family. Both of my parents have been going through the whole process with him as well as my aunts and uncles. It is extremely difficult to watch my grandpa change so much. It is like talking to a completely different man and I can't even imagine how lost he must be feeling and how confused he is on a daily basis. I do fell like this topic plays a big part in my life as I have a loved one going through it. I hope that there is a cure found but overall I want to prevent it from happening to myself or any other loved one in my family. It is a very scary thing and I hope that no one else I love goes through this disease. This paper has also helped me understand the disease in a much different light as I hope it will help others.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Oh my goodness I can not believe that another weekend has flown by! Today I am sitting in the library with the rain dripping drop by drop and making me feel cozy and comfortable. I am immersed into a world of books and academic endeavors while I sit here. To be completely honest I am actually very sad that the weekend has come to an end more or less but I also truly love Sundays because I find them to be a very relaxing day. My favorite part of Sunday is that we always have a family tradition that is repeated just about every Sunday. My mom makes a large family dinner. During the weekend my family is generally very busy my younger sister and I both have part time jobs and my brother is running around to different sporting events so it just seems that Sunday nights are the perfect time for a big family dinner. Tonight my mom is making a St. Patrick's day dinner with cornbeef, cabbage, huge carrots and lots of fun side dishes. I find that my whole family is able to come together at the end of the day and truly enjoy this dinner. Ever since I was a little girl Sundays in my house have always been considered family day and I am very glad that we have kept this tradition going strong.