Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Plans for the Rest of the Day

I am not positive as to whether or not I am for sure but I can be pretty positive to the fact that I am pretty sure I have OCD. Everyday I find it quite vital that I write out my day schedule. It helps me to piece together my day or otherwise my mind becomes way too cluttered. So my daily plan is something that I will write about on today's blog. So I plan on working here in the library until around 3 or 3:15. I plan on finishing these blogs and then completing my presentation for my College Writing Research project. Once I am done with this I am going to head over to the Lewis fitness center where I will take a little break and get some stress relief on a two and a half mile run. Working out is definitely my form of stress relief throughout the day. I love the feeling that I get after one of my runs I truly feel like I can just conquer the world which is the feeling that I am currently looking forward to due to my current afternoon tiredness that always seems to hit me around this time. After my run I plan on heading back to the library to complete the rest of my homework. My main goal is to study, study, study for my Culture and Civilization exam. I am not too concerned on this test because I have done pretty well on the last two but I also do not want to jinx myself in any way possible. After I have done that I usually stay till around 6:30 in the library and then I head home for dinner, which is probably my favorite part of the night. After that I plan on relaxing and just to continue studying for my exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!
So much is going on

Seriously I can't even write in words just how much seems to be going on now that we are here at the end of the semester. It seems like a lot of things are starting to pile on top of one another and I am trying my very best to take a deep breathe and let this happen one thing at a time. I am not really surprised with my feelings at this end of the semester. It seems that this feeling always comes to me. I think it is mainly my nerves and trying to just finish up the semester on a strong note. I am confident that I will but for some reason I always get a little nervous that I won't. Today I am working on breaking my schedule down and working on specific priorities at first. My first goal is to complete the class presentation for this college writing class because know that I have my paper complete this task should not be too difficult at all. Once I have finished that for the day I am then going to go on and study for my culture and civilization exam which is tomorrow. I am not too worried about this test but I also know that it is quite vital that I study in order to do well on the exam. I am really trying my best to not allow this stress to get to me too much.

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Year Ago Today

Wow, so I am currently thinking in my head and looking back on the past tonight. I am trying to remember not specifically but in more broad terms what I was up to last year at this time and what my feelings were. To be completely honest I wasn't quite sure how I felt about going to Lewis. I was excited but nervous as to whether or not I was making the right choice for my college career. Luckily I am able to confidently say yes to this today which makes me very happy. It was hard last year making my college choice when I heard so much feedback from high school friends and learned where they were going. Many of my friends were going far away and I truly did not want to do this, but it made me wonder whether I was making a mistake. I am happy to say today that I indeed was not making a mistake it just seemed at the time that many people had their own opinions on what or where I should go with my life but my parents always reminded me to make the decision for myself and to do what I wanted to do and what I knew was best for myself. Lewis is the perfect school for me because it allows me to be close to my home which I love but also allows me to keep my job and make money. I find that college has taught me major responsibility and how I am now accountable for things in my life.
Monday is Complete

Wow I seriously can't believe that this is my last monday of actual school in my first year of college! It has literally shocked me how fast this year has flown by. I remember in high school things went fast and then people would tell me to just wait for college when things fly by even faster and it seriously could not be more true. I seriously love Lewis and am so impressed with all of the knowledge I have gained in just one year. Looking back I sometimes can't believe all that has happened in only a year, but right now it seems that this year just flew by completely. If I had to choose a school all over again I would most definitely choose Lewis University every single time. I feel at home at this school and I am in love with the environment and campus that this school has to offer.
popcorn and homework

Okay so tonight I am trying to catch up on a lot of different bits and pieces of homework and assignments for the end of the semester. I love getting the chance to get caught up on this stuff. While I was working my mom actually suprised me with a bowl of her homemade popcorn which is by far my absolute favorite dessert and she surprises me every once in a while with it. She makes it on the stove and it just always has that perfect taste. For some reason I actually enjoy doing my homework in the evening. It is soothing and relaxing to me. I love my tea at night and and relaxing with it. It gives me a chance to take a deep breate, breath in and prepare for the next day ahead! I love how at Lewis my schedule varies from mondays to tuesdays because it seems to keep things more interesting and changes things up throughout my week.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Whats my plans for later

So later today I plan on just finishing a bunch of homework and projects that just need to get done because if they don't it will truly bug me! I love sundays because I find that on this day I get a chance to catch up and prepare for the week that is ahead. I worked the close shift last week and I am so very glad that its not something I need to do this weekend. I can honestly say that working the close shift at my job can be a little stressful at times. We are responsible for all of the deposits and closing on money for the end of the night which makes me nervous at times to have such a big responsibility but I am also honored that my boss trusts me with this very important job. I remember one night the cash register was under by 500 dollars and I freaked out. I remember going crazy. I went looking to make sure I had collected all of the money and recounted the money multiple times. I decided at one point that it was getting late and I needed to call my boss to make him aware of the situation. Once I called him he started laughing and said oh sorry that was me I took it out this morning! I was so thankful and relieved but was screaming inside at the fact that I had been frantic for about one hour! At least I know that for next time I will just call my boss right away if this were to happen again, but hopefully never, haha.

Currently the biggest thing on my brain seems to be grades. We are coming near the end of the semester and it seems that during this time in the semester grades seem to be very important. It is also irritating because one or two of my grades is at the border line point from an A- to an A and I really just want the A! Hardwork and effort are both very important to me in my academic career as I realize that it is the only way that I am going to make progress in my life. I must stay focused on all of the wonderful content that I am learning and keep making my brain grow and develop to new different levels. The grades that I have I believe are a true reflection of my work ethic and I want to hold the standards of an exceptional work ethic. I am excited to see where my grades turn out but am also anxious. I just know that I must stay focused these last few weeks of the semester.
This past weekend

Okay, let me begin by saying that this past weekend has honestly been just so awesome!! I am absolutely in love with this weekend. On friday my sister was going to prom so my entire family and I went to go see her prom pictures. All of the girls looked absolutely beautiful at the pictures. I couldn't believe how stunning my sister was! After the prom pictures my mom and I headed out for some errands. She is my absolute favorite person to go shopping with and honestly my very favorite person to hang out with. We always have such a nice time together. Speaking of which, I must find her something perfect for mothers day this year! Well anyways we first went to go visit my grandpa joe just to relax with him for about an hour which was wonderful. I love listening to him talk he has the best sense of humor and is seriously the cutest. After that we went shopping together which is actually crazy because I haven't been clothes shopping in so long! I got a new sweater that will be perfect for the spring or cool summer nights and I got this super cute new little sun dress which I can not wait to wear. AFter the shopping my mom and I were both starving so we headed to panera for dinner which was so good! We sat and talked at dinner till 10 when they were closing. We then ran to jewel to pick up a few things and then we went home and I fell asleep watching Fuller house. Then on Saturday my mom and I went to a Baby shower for my cousin nicole who is one of the sweetest girls I know! I am just so excited for Nicole and her husband Tom to have the sweet baby girl!
I just want to run

So today I have decided to run a half marathon in July which I can not even describe in words just how excited I am! Im really looking forward to all of the training that I will have to do this summer but I know that it will all be very worth it. I have found a few friends from my high school cross country team to train with this summer which is perfect because I would never be able to go the trails alone its way too creepy to go all by myself to the trails. You just never really know what could actually happen. I am just so ready for the summer festivities to begin and let the warm sun be on my shoulders. I am proud of myself today because I woke up early and was able to run for six miles. I ran around the neighborhoods and it is so much better than the winter when I am forced to run on the treadmill for everything.
I just want to be outside!

So currently I am sitting in the library trying my best to catch up on a bunch of school things and the only thing that I truly want to do is be outside. It is an absolutely gorgeous day today and I am jealous of the people who are outside. It is actually really funny because the library that I am at today in Orland is super quiet, it seems that everyone is outside and I am the only one sitting indside. This makes me upset but I also know that I have summer right around the corner to think about and that literally is the main thing that is getting me through these last weeks of school. I will be so darn happy when finals are over and I can take a long deep breath and major sigh of relief for the fact that it will be over. I love school but it is hard in this beautiful weather to concentrate!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mentioning it again

Okay so I know I have talked about it before but something that I am absolutely addicted to this school year is gum! I find that it helps me focus so much more when I am chewing it. Currently I am actually going crazy because I ran out of gum. It seems that this past week my brain has been on overdrive and I think that it's the way it is going to be for these last few weeks of the semester. I seriously can't believe that I am so close to being done with my first year of college. It honestly just seems insane. I feel like I just started with my first semester but when I look back on the beginning of the semester I seriously can not believe all of the things that I have been able to accomplish and I am truly so happy for that. The class final for that I am most concerned about would definitely have to be my final for my Biology class. I am very concerned because this past semester has been a rough one but I am also suprrised with how much I have accomplished in this class. I think I have actually surprised myself that I'm not as bad in this subject area that I thought I was. Even through all of this I definitely still need some gum!!

Lately with finals coming up just around the corner I feel like I have been going crazy with my planner. My planner is my absolute favorite thing. It truly is what keeps me organized and ready to conquer a day of classes and activity. Currently I am trying to finish up any of the homework I have but I am quite distracted at the moment because I am actually very hungry at the moment. I could really go for dinner right about now. I love so many different foods and dinner would probably have to be my favorite meal of the day because it is truly just such a relaxing meal. Dinner is the point in my day where I feel like I can eat and then just relax after that and it is honestly the best feeling ever. I am excited to be done with the semester and I feel like there is a lot of stuff and things that I have to do building up at this point in the semester.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Working on the annotated bib

Wow I have to say I never realized how crazy it can be to make an annotated bib. I am upset with myself that I didn't pay attention to a lot of the technical stuff at the beginning. I am working on improving that system. I feel much better after discussing things with Dr. Wielgos. I am excited to at least know that I was able to do revisions on this! Thank goodness is all that I can say to that. It is so good though that I am learning all of this information now rather than sometime in the future. I am excited to have this paper complete. It is funny because I didn't realize just how much I had actually already created for my paper through the annotated bib. I am excited to see this paper be complete at one point! Hopefully very soon, I plan on working on it tonight!

Monday, April 18, 2016


Okay so something that has been on my mind a ton lately is shopping! Particularly summer shopping! The summer weather is coming and that means that I need the clothes to fit the weather. I am absolutely in love with pinterest and am always seeing and finding such cute new outfit ideas that inspire me to do the same exact thing. I definitely have a dream closet but I am also lucky to have a pretty nice closet. This summer I really want to get a few new pairs of shorts. I have been looking at the latest styles and trends and some of the shorts are too cute. I also love summer workout clothes that I can wear running or just hanging out on a warm summer day. As soon as the semester is over I feel like my head will be much more clear and I can start thinking about my summer wardrobe. It truly does excite me that the sun is starting to shine and it is getting much warmer out!
What I am addicted to and why?

To be completely honest there are a few things that I am absolutely addicted to it would have to be the sun, running, good food and gum! Yes, I love beautiful weather and I love a good run. I have to go running everyday. I will take a break every so often but I notice that I actually get quite crabby when I don't run. Ever since I started cross country in junior high I never realized just how addicted I would become to running. It is the best feeling ever after a good run. I am also completely addicted to gum. It is a really bad habit of mine but in order to stay focused when doing anything I find that I need to be chewing a piece of gum.
What do you love and what do you want to do?

Truthfully, I absolutely love life! I love happiness and positivity. I love living both a happy and a healthy life. After completing college, I want to become a teacher in an elementary school. Many people throughout my life have actually discouraged me a ton from going into teaching. Many people tell me that I will not get a job and will struggle for the beginning of my life. Something I have learned though is that I need to stray away from the negativity, look at my passions, and realize how passionate I am about this career choice. The thought of working with young students makes me smile and it gives me the great honor of playing an influence on these students and motivating them to love life and truly love what they do and to also always remember the importance of their life decisions. As a teacher, I would also love to coach cross-country because I absolutely love running. I was not always a good runner it is something that I have had to work hard at, it is paying off, and it is a major form of relaxation and destressing for me. I would love to help other kids in the future find their passion as well in the sport of running. I also love eating and cooking and I have a dream of somehow creating my own blog or website or even creating a cookbook of healthy recipes. I think it would be awesome to spread my passion to others. It would also be a great way to make money on the side. It is probably one of the biggest things or far-fetched things that I want to do in my life creating a cookbook or starting my own someday famous blog on running and cooking and living a healthy lifestyle but it is also what motivates me day to day in school and through everything else that I do in life.  I love being organized as well so I love planning my future in my head and being a teacher will allow me to be a very organized person. 

I am so excited because my friend Natalie in class gave me a link to a bunch of different  topics to write about and I believe that this will not only give me more things to talk about on my blog but it will actually be a ton of fun and also let me speak my mind entirely. The question I saw that i loved asks what my favorite recipe is and oh my goodness this question is very hard for me to decide on becuase I honestly have a true passion for cooking. I love knowing what goes into my food and by cooking I am able to see the entire process and truly enjoy it when I have finished cooking it. I have a number of different favorites and it always depends on my mood as to what I will cook. One of my favorite recipes that is super easy and delicous are what I like to call veggie calzones which are delicous and super healthy. I use one whole wheat pita from trader joes and I then roast an assortment of veggies and spinach in olive oil. Once I have done this I then stuff the veggies into the pita and then I place the pita in the oven for about 20 minutes. I like the pita very crispy so I generally keep the oven on at 400 degrees. I am actually craving a pita right now! Once it is done I take it out and enjoy the pita by dipping it in fage greek yogurt which is similar to a sour cream just healthier! It is so delicious!!
Blog, Blog, Blog

What to write about, what to write about is what I have been thinking today. It seems that there is so much that runs through my mind on a daily basis yet at times I struggle what to write about in my blog and I think it is because sometimes I am not sure whether or not to share certain things with the blog but I guess that it all comes to just getting used to the blog. Actually for a year or two now I have always thought of creating a blog. Both my sister and I enjoy many different activities together and we thought it would be fun to create a sisters blog about our life and everything. I am hoping that this blog will assist me in that field.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Working on my Paper

So I am glad to say that I have successfully found my topic and I am pretty sure it is a topic that I am going to be able to stick with throughout the entirety of this paper. I also have a lot going on in my mind currently. I am very nervous for signing up for the fall semester and I am extremely hopeful that all of my classes that I want will go as planned. For some reason it seems that I have a lot going on in most of my classes currently. I also just took a math test and I am not sure how I did because it was quite difficult. I am also trying to decide which course or courses I should take this summer. I would like to knock a few more of my general education requirements out of the way to not only take away from some of the load but to clear my mind a little more from all the courses that I need to take by the end of the four years. I also think that it will be good to keep my brain stimulated throughout the summer.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Debating between topics

Okay so for the past few days I have been debating on a couple of different topics to write about. I am not exactly sure what I want to write about quite yet. As a runner I am incredibly interested in both food and nutrition. I am always interested in what the best foods are and what the healthiest things to eat are. My mom is also health obsessed with which foods she should be cooking with so in my house I have found this relevant to my life. A big debate that I know of and would actually be quite interested in finding out for myself is whether or not organic foods are actually more beneficial to our health than in- organic foods and whether or not this statement is just a simple scam by food marketers around the world. I truly want to know the facts and the truth behind this argument. Yet, in my life there is another issue that I am quite interested in and that is the controversy on eating disorders. After watching my cousin struggle with a terrible one this disease not only interested me but it concerned me as well. Many people would blame my cousin for doing this to herself but I know my cousin and it just didn't fit. There is much controversy over whether or not they are real mental disorders and  I would like to find out whether or not they actually are. I am also going to visit a few websites and get some information and see what I find to help me find sources for this paper.
"My Research Question"

1) Why your topic of discovery?
To discover what organic food is really doing for people and whether or not it is  actually beneficial to the human beings eating it.
2) What question do you want to answer?
Whether or not organic foods are actually worth their price on the market?
3) Why this question?
Organic foods are definitely more expensive at the grocery store and what I want to know is why they are so much more expensive and why exactly they are so much more expensive compared to the other foods.
4) What do you need to learn in order to answer the question?
I need to learn the scientific research done on the comparison of organic and non-organic foods and also find statistics and data that prove whether or not organic foods was beneficial to the health of those who are consuming it.
5) What kinds of experts do you need to read?
I need to read information from scientists who work with both organic and non- organic elements in determining the differences and which is more beneficial to health. I also want to know the long lasting results that have been taking between those who eat organic foods and those who do not eat organic foods. It would also be pertinent to find information from nutritionists and dietitians who may study this food. This would be all under the research of nutrition health and science. I think that it will be interesting to find information on this topic because it is something many people contemplate on spending. People understand that buying all organic groceries is quite expensive yet if it could lead to healthier effects maybe it is worth it or is it all a scam that the producers want us to believe.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Decisions on a Topic

Right now I am currently struggling with finding a topic that I would like to use for my argumentative research paper for College Writing 2. The reason that I am struggling is because I have a number of different topics on my mind to write about. I would really like to write about something that interests me and I have thought about writing about organic foods and finding out whether or not they are actually healthier foods. This topic interests me because I love grocery shopping and I am always interested in what foods are the healthiest. I feel like there is a ton of controversy over this topic and I have always wondered the truth behind organic food myself. It is very expensive and I would like to know whether or not there is a legitimate reason behind this or is it just that its said to be healthier. I am excited to find this information out. Another topic that I have considered is the classroom size and its importance but I am worried that this topic may just be too broad overall and not have as many interesting statistics. When Dr. Wielgos explained how we shouldn't know the outcome this made sense and it is funny because I realized that this topic basically already has an expected outcome. I am working on focusing my topic towards something that will give me a narrow topic and tons of research along with this.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday.. Monday... Monday

I seriously can not believe that we are already off to another week here at Lewis. I am in disbelief as to how fast the year is flying by. It amazes me as to how much I have actually learned since the fall semester. I am truly glad to say that the year is going pretty fast but I am also trying to stay very focused on finishing this semester on a very strong note. This weekend I have been considering a number of different topics for the next College Writing assignment. There are a number of topics that I am interested writing my paper on. One of my favorite parts about this college writing class with Dr Wielgos is that he gives us the opportunity to decide on our topics. I believe that this allows me to feel really passionate about the papers that I am writing and It also gives me a great chance to explore my interests and work through my brain. I have been tossing around a number of different topics and ideas to write on. One topic that I am really interested in or feel that is a major problem is the one with social media and how it affects people. As a girl I understand many of the expectations and have come across many of these " expectations" in my life. Woman are put to a certain standard and are looked down upon if they don't live up to these unrealistic standards. There are a number of problems with this that lead to major issues. I feel passionate about this topic because I know and have had close friends and relatives who have struggled with this in life.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Reflection on the Weekend So Far

This weekend has truly been a wonderful weekend so far. On Saturday I worked all day but I am honestly so lucky to love my job. I work at a golf course, Silver Lake Country Club and I have been working there since I was sixteen years old. It is funny how familiar I have become with this job and it now feels like a second home to me when I am there. The greatest part about my part time job is that it is a very upbeat and positive job. I absolutely love when the weather is perfect and there are tons of golfers out. It makes me feel like summer time and at least spring is very near. I definitely think that my job has helped me become more mature and responsible. I have also been extremely lucky to have met so many different people and to also have made such wonderful friends with a great amount of my co-workers. After seeing them all the time it seems that we have really gotten to know one another and it is really great. Currently, many of my friends at work go to college out of state so they will not be returning to work until summertime has officially begun. Although I do not golf it is definitely a sport that I have thought of taking up in the near future. It seems a little slow though so I contemplate whether or not I would actually enjoy the sport.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

From my Design Plan to Explanatory Synthesis Paper

Wow, to begin it is actually quite funny how much my design plan differs from my actual paper. Before I wrote on the topic of prevention of Alzheimer's disease I was focused on "specific" health topics such as how certain foods are healthy. I began writing my paper on the surprising facts of how certain types of chocolate are actually good for humans and health yet it just seemed that I was lacking passion in this form of paper writing. While taking lots of time to think about my topic and which topic I could write the most about I asked both my friends and family for help on choosing the topic. It was funny because the weekend in class that we were given to work on the design plan was also the weekend of my Grandpa's birthday. He is currently suffering from Alzheimer's disease and this is something that has affected not only him but my entire family. The disease truly does scares me and I started questioning whether or not there was any way I could prevent this from happening not only for myself but for all of my other loved ones. I couldn't even imagine watching another family member suffer from this disease. Watching my grandpa is hard enough. I decided to research and to my surprise there were tons of ways to prevent this disease and I found that this would be important information that an even larger audience would benefit from hearing. I am very happy with my finished paper and glad that I have learned so much more from this entire writing process!
The Revision Process

Throughout this paper I am quite glad to say that I am actually very happy with the outcome of my final paper. This is one of those papers that took me a very long time to write. It is funny because I came into this paper thinking I was going to be writing about something completely different and finally found an article on the nuns who are breaking ground in the search for the cure of Alzheimer's disease. This article truly intrigued me and was also quite surprising to me. It was this paper that truly inspired my idea to write this paper. While writing this paper at first I struggled a lot with finding credible sources but to my luck the library had a lot of great sources. The process overall was exciting and I was glad that I had found my passion in writing this paper. I find that in every paper I write I come to a point where I find my passion for what I am writing and I find that this is a very important aspect in every paper. In writing it is vital that we are passionate about it. I am happy with the outcome of this paper and am looking forward to the next project. I learned a lot from this paper and was immersed into a world of new information.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Progress on the Project Number 2

So far I am pretty content with how my paper is turning out. Throughout writing this paper though I do realize how much I need to pay attention to the fact that my paper is not an argument paper it is an explanatory synthesis paper. I am not quite sure why I was having this issue but that is exactly what I have been working on fixing tonight.I am excited to be coming to a better revision of my paper. I am happy with the outside sources of my topic and I am quite amazed to say that I have actually learned quite a bit from writing this paper. My grandpa is currently suffering from Alzheimer's disease and it is something that has most definitely effected my grandpa in many significant ways but it has also played a massive effect on my family. Both of my parents have been going through the whole process with him as well as my aunts and uncles. It is extremely difficult to watch my grandpa change so much. It is like talking to a completely different man and I can't even imagine how lost he must be feeling and how confused he is on a daily basis. I do fell like this topic plays a big part in my life as I have a loved one going through it. I hope that there is a cure found but overall I want to prevent it from happening to myself or any other loved one in my family. It is a very scary thing and I hope that no one else I love goes through this disease. This paper has also helped me understand the disease in a much different light as I hope it will help others.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Oh my goodness I can not believe that another weekend has flown by! Today I am sitting in the library with the rain dripping drop by drop and making me feel cozy and comfortable. I am immersed into a world of books and academic endeavors while I sit here. To be completely honest I am actually very sad that the weekend has come to an end more or less but I also truly love Sundays because I find them to be a very relaxing day. My favorite part of Sunday is that we always have a family tradition that is repeated just about every Sunday. My mom makes a large family dinner. During the weekend my family is generally very busy my younger sister and I both have part time jobs and my brother is running around to different sporting events so it just seems that Sunday nights are the perfect time for a big family dinner. Tonight my mom is making a St. Patrick's day dinner with cornbeef, cabbage, huge carrots and lots of fun side dishes. I find that my whole family is able to come together at the end of the day and truly enjoy this dinner. Ever since I was a little girl Sundays in my house have always been considered family day and I am very glad that we have kept this tradition going strong.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Explanatory Synthesis Notes

What are you explaining?

Throughout this paper I am looking to explain how although there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease there are surprisingly ways that we have found in order to prevent Alzheimer's disease from occurring in human beings. It is vital that we take the time to realize that these prevention are relevant and if they are used they could save millions of people from receiving this disease which will not only help them but their loved ones as well who are stuck with the day to day struggles of living or simply dealing with the complications that the Alzheimer's patient has. It is something that no one or no family should have to experience or watch another loved one experience. Through prevention we can help to stop a lot of possible cases of Alzheimer's and protect more human beings.

Summarize the information from the source.

The articles that I have chose are quite relevant and greatly relate to my overall topic that I am going to be addressing throughout this synthesis. The one article discusses studies that have proved how certain daily habits and exercises help people avoid Alzheimer disease and the other two articles discuss nuns and how many of them have not received the disease and have lived up to an old age because of the certain things that they do to prevent the disease from getting to them and their brains. This source will set a great example and will hopefully be seen as fascinating to the reader or the audience of my paper. I believe that the three of these sources will be perfect in expanding my paper and adding more insight for my reader into the world of Alzheimer's and all that we can do to end it and ensure that it is not a part of our future. It will also hopefully spread the message and make people realize that they themselves play a factor in determining whether or not they will receive this harmful and deteriorating disease. It is amazing how these nuns in the article from the New York Times could actually play a role in scientific study in determining what habits or activities keep someone from receiving Alzheimer disease. The nuns are even willing to donate their brains to science once they have died in order to allow for greater research and hopefully a greater window into the world of Alzheimer's and how it can be controlled and how we can hopefully find answers to cure this disease. I am really excited to use these sources in my paper.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Explaining my Interests

Throughout my life I have had many different interests in a number of various topics. It seems though that one aspect of my whole list of interests that sticks out the most would have to be cooking, food and nutrition. I absolutely love making food and learning about different recipes. I am obsessed with healthy eating which I believe contributes to both a happier and healthier life style. Growing up with a small heart condition always meant that I had to be conscious of what I was doing to take care of myself and I feel that healthy eating is always number one. I love going onto p interest and finding recipes for healthy meals. I believe that this eating regimen has actually made me a much more organized and put together person. I began cooking with my mom at an early age and she has taught me so much on the topic. I am very interested in how to live the perfectly healthy lifestyle because I find it to be the best answer to achieving the best that I can in life. I greatly enjoy the outdoors and outdoor activities and I know that to enjoy these things I have to have the nutrients to have the energy that I love to have. Energy is what helps me get things done. My diet and habits have taught me to never just subtle for average but to go above and beyond in all that I do in life and to also go into things with deep passion. It is vital in life that we are passionate human beings and excited to do the things that we do. I believe that a healthy diet and a daily schedule helps me be much more successful in life. I have noticed that it has eased my stress levels and allows me to take in things much more gracefully. My favorite books and magazines are on healthy recipes and how to make them and different foods that are good for you and take care of your body. I feel that in order to avoid sickness and disease to be healthy we must eat right. It is important that we are healthy in order to live to our full potential. My happiness from this is something that I would love to share and spread to the rest of the world. I feel that it has made me successful in who I am in life and it is a constant reminder that a healthy mind comes before anything else. As a teacher it is my job to transform young minds and make sure that these students are healthy individuals who are able to live up to their full potential. Just as a healthy diet can eliminate any of the bad foods in our system a healthy trained mindset will push out all of the negative in life and only make room for the positive aspects in life that will take the students far so that they can achieve to their fullest potentials. I am beyond excited and passionate to take my passions and put them into my job. On top of math, reading and science skills I want to teach my students the importance of a healthy mind so that they can go on to success filled futures which is so vital for our future generations.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reflection On Writing Project 1

I must begin to explain that I am quite impressed by the amount I have learned about my own writing technique throughout the first Writing Project of this class. The entire experience of writing this paper did not go as smooth as I had planned but with the work that I did put in I am quite pleased with the overall outcome. The hardest part for this paper was not so much thinking of one of my life experiences but it was incorporating outside sources that intertwined. It took some research and thought but once I had found these materials it was quite amazing how my ideas all came together as one. While writing this paper I also really appreciated the peer review. I truly felt that it was a vital part of the writing process and still feel this way after completing it in Dr. Wielgos' class. I also did a lot of learning throughout the process of writing this synthesis paper. While discussing and reviewing my paper with Dr. Wielgos I realized how much I use the past tense in my writing. It was funny because I never really realized how many pronouns I had been using in my writing. He was able to teach me a new way to revise my paper by taking each sentence by sentence and analyzing each one to make sure it flowed for the reader. I greatly appreciate the assistance and time we have been given to write this paper and make sure that it is up to the class standards. I believe that I have definitely accomplished what I have wanted for this first project in College Writing II, but I also know that my standards for the next papers to come will come with greater expectations that I am willing to give my all and look up to. My design plan was similar along the basis of my entire paper. There were specific aspects of my paper that I did change as a whole because even while writing the paper I seemed to discover the meaning behind my narrative and the life experience that I had gone through. I am looking forward to watching my writing progress this semester and I am excited for what is to come in this class.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

What have I obtained from this peer editing process?

Truthfully, I am a huge fan of the peer editing process I believe it is incredibly helpful and useful throughout the process of writing a paper. It all began back in my College Writing Class last semester, with Dr. White, that I realized just how useful this process is. In my high school career peer review used to seem like more of just a social hour. I would read one of my friends papers and write a few comments here and there on it and then we would both finish early so we could have a conversation. I am so happy that this is no longer the case in college. Throughout the experience I have had so far with peer review and editing in both my college writing classes is that we truly go in depth. From peer reviewing I have learned that this process is incredibly vital to my success as a writer. I have the ability to learn so much from my peers who are taking on the same task I am. It is also a beautiful thing to see their feedback rather than my own eyes reviewing my paper. Just as Dr. Wielgos had explained in class, that many times we are so quick to think that everything in our own papers makes sense, until we have someone else read it and inform us that in fact it does not make sense at all. Not only do I learn a ton from receiving feedback from my peers but I also get a lot out of reading my peers papers and editing them myself. This allows me to see what other people are writing which one gets my mind moving, and it also helps me realize what to do and what not to do in my writing. It's like looking in a distorted mirror where each image or paper is unique but the main structure should be similar. I really appreciate the time that Dr. Wielgos has set aside for our class to go over the peer review. I believe that it is a great, dominant step in the writing process. I am certain that it will help me enhance the quality of my paper.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Explain the meaning of a family ritual that is important to you. Describe the ritual in a way that implies the importance it is to your family.

          The most important thing to me in my life is my family. They hold the biggest place in my heart and so do the traditions that we share together. Of all the traditions that stand out to me I would have to say the one that does the most is a tradition that my family has just about every Sunday. It is probably the most simple tradition that we share but it is one that means a ton to me. Every Sunday my family has a " family" day where we spend the day together. We begin our morning with church if we did not go the night before. Before church, or after church my mom always puts together some type of big breakfast. My favorite is when she makes pancakes and eggs which is just about every Sunday. Throughout the day most of us do our own things, many Sundays I will either go to the Library to catch up on work or go walking or some type of exercise with my sister. It makes for a very relaxing and layed back day. If my whole family is available we will generally take a ride to some of our favorite spots or we will go for a family bike ride and stop for ice-cream or go shopping at an outdoor mall. My favorite part of the day is at night for dinner when my mom makes a big dinner for us all. It is the perfect way to come together before the start of a new week. It helps us all to talk and be with one another before our busy schedules set in again. My mom makes everyone's favorites for dinner, my brother and my parents love steak so she makes steak and delicious sides. My sister and I love fish so my mom is always sure to make my sister and I fish and lots of delicious sides to go with that my favorite is the sweet potatoes or some type of sauteed or grilled veggies to go with it. We all gather together and talk and laugh and it seems to always just be the perfect way to end our night. Once we are through with dinner I always help my mom clean the dishes and later she has some type of dessert ready to put out or we make a big bowl of popcorn on the stove top which is my absolute favorite. Of all the traditions that my family shares together it is almost funny how one of my favorites is so simple, eating dinner together. Dinner is something people all around the world enjoy but it is truly something that means a lot to me and it is because it is shared with my family and It is something I would never trade for the world. My mom always shared this tradition with her parents and when my grandparents were alive they would always be at our house or we would be at theirs. It is truly something that makes me look extremely forward to the week and it is something that I never want taken away, Sunday dinner with my family is more than just a meal it is a true memory ones that I will have for a lifetime and forever. My parents hope to always keep this tradition and that even when I get married and have kids of my own someday to keep visiting for Sunday dinner with my parents. It is a tradition that means a lot to me.

What does it mean when I say       ?

What does it mean when I say happiness. Happiness for me is enjoying life and time with my friends and family. Happiness for me is also a routine. I absolutely love routine. I love when I have a specific routine to follow and I absolutely love to be organized it is truly what has made things in my life possible and turn out successfully. I would have to say that my life also revolves around a ton of my running. I absolutely love running. It is something that truly does distress my mind and clears my thoughts. It has helped me get through many difficult situations. I truly love it and have a passion for it. Running comes with an appetite and I know that I need good nutrients and fuel so I would have to consider myself a big foodie. I love cooking in the kitchen with my mom and making dishes to enjoy. I also get a thrill out of packing my lunches everyday. It seems that I enjoy these things and they are a major combination of what make me happy. Without the ability to run or cook or do the things I enjoy I think it would be more of a struggle to be happy than it is. Running is something that I can do alone or I can also do it with others, Throughout my running career I have made a number of different friends who are now like family to me. It is something that I am truly passionate about. I have a dream of becoming a cross country coach as a side job when teaching. I love trying to work with others and make an impact, of course a positive one. It is important to me that more people are educated on how to live a healthy and happy life. It truly starts with loving yourself and doing what you love, not what others want you to do. I truly believe that the key to success is happiness. If you do not enjoy what you are doing than it is going to be extremely difficult to go anywhere in life or make an impression on anyone. It is also important that you be yourself and stay true to who you are. In highschool there were many pressures to conform and there was tons of competiton as to who was best but then I realized it was about what I wanted.

                is like

Running is like walking down the hall of fame dedicated to you

When running it is one of the most amazing experiences. It is an activity that is hard to compare to any other daily activity. It is an activity where in your mind you are solely alone in the world. When running it is simply you, your body, and your mind. When you get into the zone of running it seems like a totally enchanting experience. It is time when you literally just get to reflect upon yourself and the day that you had or what you have been going through in life or the things that you are anticipating. I have found or come up with some of my best ideas when running. It is a time where I feel strong and powerful It is similar to walking down a hall of fame in that it allows me to reflect upon myself and the person I am. It is inspiring because it is time that I give to myself and collect  feelings that I have or the things that I want to do. It is exciting and when you are doing it you truly feel like the only person in the world and it is one of the best experiences you could ever have. Also cooking is like molding a masterpiece. It allows you to create beauty and is something that your senses can divulge into and truly enjoy. It is important in this world to take time to take in the beauty of things and cooking lets you do this it allows me to slow down and truly appreciate the food at the table or the elegant masterpiece I have put together at the table. It is both fun, enjoyable and appetizing. It is also for me a form of freedom, as a picky eater for many years cooking allows me to cook what I want and the way that I like it. It is also like a huge hug from my grandma the warm feeling that I would get from hugging her is similar to the feeling that I have when I enjoy one of the dishes it sparks memories and moments. Food also brings up memories for me. Specific dishes make me think of specific memories or moments in my life.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What Did I Learn Today?

Everyday here at Lewis University I am absolutely astonished at the immense amount of information and new knowledge that I obtain on a daily basis. Education has never been as exciting and compelling as it is now at the college level. After completing one semester in college I feel that I have learned many of the basics of how things work here at the University. I am aware of how important my studies are and how vital it is to take good notes, and read all of my material on a daily basis in order to do well in class. I have also learned that there is never any time period in college where I have nothing to do, there is always something to read or study. With this knowledge I have been able to apply my best to my classes and I have made certain that I work to obtain all the knowledge that I can from my courses.

Little did I realize, that I had started learning even before I came to school. For example, this morning before I left my mom showed me how to make an omelette on the stove. They are one of my favorite breakfast dishes, but I had never made one before and I was getting sick of the usual scrambled eggs. After I enjoyed the omelette I had made I headed off to Lewis for my first class of the day today which was Math.

 I learned quite a bit in this class today. We are working on giving mathematical presentations and I learned some important tips as to how to make sure the class retains the material and the best ways to present the information. After math class I then headed to my College Writing 2 class, where I learned something that came to me as quite the surprise. We have been discussing different points of view and perspectives in class. My teacher then did an experiment to demonstrate this to us. He gave us a topic and expected us to label the topic under one genre or theme. We did this activity in groups and surprisingly none of the groups had the same answer. Dr. Wielgos then explained to us that this was the point he was trying to make in that all readers have different perspectives on an author's writing. As the writer it is up to us to determine our audience, which is not solely Dr. Wielgos. It truly is amazing what you can learn in a day!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

What are our responsibilities to each other when we blog? Do we have responsibilities to others when we communicate?

Society today is characterized by many new technological advancements. It has become a social norm to socialize through social media and not face to face. One of the major forms of communication through social media today is blogging. Just as we have responsibilities to others when we communicate with them, blogging also contains these communicative responsibilities.

Blogging is a form of communication in that we are able to write personal statements and self reflect on world issues, problems or things as simple as personal interests. Bloggers receive followers and they are given the responsibility of keeping their followers updated. They are also responsible for sharing the truth. When a blogger is honest and legitimate the blogs are then credible.  It is also important that the blogger enjoys writing because the others want to feel intrigued. When the blogger is passionate about a topic this will send a positive message to the audience and give them more of an inspiration to follow and read along. Personally, when I read a blog I read it because the topic or information in the blog intrigues me. It is important that the blogger stays true to who they are and delivers information that is relevant to the main purpose of their blog. In our world today there are many different types of communication but blogging is worldwide and truly allows for us to connect with the rest of the world.

Overall, in society communication is a key aspect of day to day life. It is vital that we fulfill the responsiblities we have of informing others in order to insure that things get done and that people are able to understand one another and connect. As a human being it is important that we are compassionate, understanding and that we comprehend the different view points in society. Communication is an art form and it can come in many different ways. Without communication our world would not be where it is today.