Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Plans for the Rest of the Day

I am not positive as to whether or not I am for sure but I can be pretty positive to the fact that I am pretty sure I have OCD. Everyday I find it quite vital that I write out my day schedule. It helps me to piece together my day or otherwise my mind becomes way too cluttered. So my daily plan is something that I will write about on today's blog. So I plan on working here in the library until around 3 or 3:15. I plan on finishing these blogs and then completing my presentation for my College Writing Research project. Once I am done with this I am going to head over to the Lewis fitness center where I will take a little break and get some stress relief on a two and a half mile run. Working out is definitely my form of stress relief throughout the day. I love the feeling that I get after one of my runs I truly feel like I can just conquer the world which is the feeling that I am currently looking forward to due to my current afternoon tiredness that always seems to hit me around this time. After my run I plan on heading back to the library to complete the rest of my homework. My main goal is to study, study, study for my Culture and Civilization exam. I am not too concerned on this test because I have done pretty well on the last two but I also do not want to jinx myself in any way possible. After I have done that I usually stay till around 6:30 in the library and then I head home for dinner, which is probably my favorite part of the night. After that I plan on relaxing and just to continue studying for my exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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