Monday, April 18, 2016


Okay so something that has been on my mind a ton lately is shopping! Particularly summer shopping! The summer weather is coming and that means that I need the clothes to fit the weather. I am absolutely in love with pinterest and am always seeing and finding such cute new outfit ideas that inspire me to do the same exact thing. I definitely have a dream closet but I am also lucky to have a pretty nice closet. This summer I really want to get a few new pairs of shorts. I have been looking at the latest styles and trends and some of the shorts are too cute. I also love summer workout clothes that I can wear running or just hanging out on a warm summer day. As soon as the semester is over I feel like my head will be much more clear and I can start thinking about my summer wardrobe. It truly does excite me that the sun is starting to shine and it is getting much warmer out!

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