Monday, April 18, 2016

What do you love and what do you want to do?

Truthfully, I absolutely love life! I love happiness and positivity. I love living both a happy and a healthy life. After completing college, I want to become a teacher in an elementary school. Many people throughout my life have actually discouraged me a ton from going into teaching. Many people tell me that I will not get a job and will struggle for the beginning of my life. Something I have learned though is that I need to stray away from the negativity, look at my passions, and realize how passionate I am about this career choice. The thought of working with young students makes me smile and it gives me the great honor of playing an influence on these students and motivating them to love life and truly love what they do and to also always remember the importance of their life decisions. As a teacher, I would also love to coach cross-country because I absolutely love running. I was not always a good runner it is something that I have had to work hard at, it is paying off, and it is a major form of relaxation and destressing for me. I would love to help other kids in the future find their passion as well in the sport of running. I also love eating and cooking and I have a dream of somehow creating my own blog or website or even creating a cookbook of healthy recipes. I think it would be awesome to spread my passion to others. It would also be a great way to make money on the side. It is probably one of the biggest things or far-fetched things that I want to do in my life creating a cookbook or starting my own someday famous blog on running and cooking and living a healthy lifestyle but it is also what motivates me day to day in school and through everything else that I do in life.  I love being organized as well so I love planning my future in my head and being a teacher will allow me to be a very organized person. 

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