Sunday, April 24, 2016

Whats my plans for later

So later today I plan on just finishing a bunch of homework and projects that just need to get done because if they don't it will truly bug me! I love sundays because I find that on this day I get a chance to catch up and prepare for the week that is ahead. I worked the close shift last week and I am so very glad that its not something I need to do this weekend. I can honestly say that working the close shift at my job can be a little stressful at times. We are responsible for all of the deposits and closing on money for the end of the night which makes me nervous at times to have such a big responsibility but I am also honored that my boss trusts me with this very important job. I remember one night the cash register was under by 500 dollars and I freaked out. I remember going crazy. I went looking to make sure I had collected all of the money and recounted the money multiple times. I decided at one point that it was getting late and I needed to call my boss to make him aware of the situation. Once I called him he started laughing and said oh sorry that was me I took it out this morning! I was so thankful and relieved but was screaming inside at the fact that I had been frantic for about one hour! At least I know that for next time I will just call my boss right away if this were to happen again, but hopefully never, haha.

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