Tuesday, April 26, 2016

So much is going on

Seriously I can't even write in words just how much seems to be going on now that we are here at the end of the semester. It seems like a lot of things are starting to pile on top of one another and I am trying my very best to take a deep breathe and let this happen one thing at a time. I am not really surprised with my feelings at this end of the semester. It seems that this feeling always comes to me. I think it is mainly my nerves and trying to just finish up the semester on a strong note. I am confident that I will but for some reason I always get a little nervous that I won't. Today I am working on breaking my schedule down and working on specific priorities at first. My first goal is to complete the class presentation for this college writing class because know that I have my paper complete this task should not be too difficult at all. Once I have finished that for the day I am then going to go on and study for my culture and civilization exam which is tomorrow. I am not too worried about this test but I also know that it is quite vital that I study in order to do well on the exam. I am really trying my best to not allow this stress to get to me too much.

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